• Citizens
  • Petach Tikva Museum Of Contemporary Art, April- August 2017
  • installation viewGian Maria Tosatti, Homeland, installation, 2014
  • installation viewinstallation view
  • Zach Hacmon, TAZ (Temporary Autonomous Zone), Mixed media guard booth, 2014installation view
  • Boaz Aharonovitch, Citizens, Digital drawing printed on PVC, 2017Zohar Gotesman, Richter Scale, Polymer cast and electronic components, 2017
  • installation viewinstallation view
  • Sasha Serber, Batman, Styrofoam sculpture painted with black acrylic, 2014Gian Maria Tosatti, Homeland, installation, 2014
  • Mika and Avi Milgrom, Containing the Whole Science of government, Sound work: multimedia stand and fluorescent lamp, 2017Gal Weinstein, Anthem, Wood, aluminium, porcelain, and synthetic turf, 2000
  • installation viewDanielle Parsay, This Territory was Occupied by Me, Video, 7:09 min, 2015
  • Julia Kurek, Lucha Libre (Freestyle Wrestling), Video, 14:47 min, 2015Nate Harrison, Seventeen Grand Narratives for a New Grand Canyon, Video, 1:18 min, 2005